Bio-Plex® 2200 System

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A Fully-Automated, Random Access, Multiplex Platform

The BioPlex® 2200 System is the industry’s first and only fully-automated, random access multiplex testing platform. Combined with a multi-marker, disease-oriented assay menu, internal quality control technologies, and eFlex™ software, the BioPlex 2200 represents a breakthrough in clinical diagnostic technology. This groundbreaking system offers significant laboratory cost savings through consolidation, decreased labor, and reduced reagent consumption.

System Benefits

Fully-Automated/Random Access

  • Improved workflow efficiency
  • Decreased hands-on time
  • Improved turnaround time for test results
  • Increased testing capacity
  • Fewer errors from specimen and reagent handling

Innovative Multiplex Chemistry

  • Quality assurance with integrated QC technologies in every test
  • Proprietary magnetic bead chemistry for superior performance
  • Ready-to-use, liquid reagents calibrators and controls

State-of-the-Art eFlex™ Software

  • Intuitive, single window, touchscreen interface
  • Add-on new test orders for previously run patient samples
  • Bidirectional LIS connectivity
  • Remote diagnostics for faster service response and maximum uptime
  • Algorithm-driven interpretive software modules (assay-dependent)


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